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The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014)

I really hadn't heard much about the new Spiderman movie, and probably wouldn't have seen it except that a good friend wanted to.  A theater about thirty minutes away was having a late Thursday night showing but as I wasn't over the moon about watching it we decided to  go to our local theater tomorrow.

It started out okay, accomplishing the almost impossible --having a legit, good plot outside of the actions scenes -- or at least it did for the first half.

After Electro and Harry hooked up things started to fall apart.  It is hard to put my finger on it but Spiderman became a hot mess.  Any storyline was abandoned and action after action scene ensued.  This would have been okay if it had been done well, unfortunately it was sub par.  The special effects were lackluster at best and segments between Electro and Spiderman felt forced.  Overall it was cheesy.

Jamie Fox was the film's saving grace.  He knows how to play a crazy man, and with a substandard plot and disappointing acting he was the shinning element to the film.

At the conclusion of Spiderman I left feeling eh and was glad not to have spent the gas money.


  1. =( spiderman has been reduced to cheesy.. this is sad


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