Emma (2009)

First, just a quick summary of Jane Austen's novel Emma.  Emma Woodhouse is a matchmaker made in heaven, or in hell as her cupid's arrow doesn't always land in the right place.  Emma flutters around pronouncing that everyone must marry except herself who has sworn off the proposal.  That is, until she realizes she has sabotaged herself.

Romola Gari is the perfect Emma.  She does a wonderful job of blending selfishness, naivety  and kindness together (because she does mean well).  And because of this acting you can't help but love her.

Don't ask me how but I corralled my dad into watching it as well and actually enjoyed it! I must tell you I was surprised by that.  Although,  we were both in agreement that Romola's facial expression are fantastic making the film that much more enjoyable.

Of course I can not write this review without mentioning Mr. Knightly played by Jonny Lee Miller.  He was also wonderful in the role, Knightly is a little like Mr. Darcy as he is a character you love and despise at the same time.  He also has some great lines one in which he comments how he doesn't understand how Mr Elton can stay on his horse with that big head of his.  Lastly,  one if not my favorite scene is when Mr Knightly tells Emma off for the rude comments she made toward Jane Fairfax; as it is said with such passion and contempt.  Although sometimes I wonder if some of it was an act.

By far this is my favorite Emma, with no singular thing that makes it so, as it is wonderful and perfect as a whole.