Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Walk To Remember (2002)

I watched A Walk to Remember after I read Nicholas Sparks novel, thus there were no surprises to the storyline.  Although the kind of books Sparks writes in general should have given a clue that not all ends well.

The acting well, no offense but it was Mandy Moore and Shane West, it was passable enough for a teen romance and weekend slumber parties.  The first forty minutes were okay, when Landon and Jamie were still on other fences of the social ladder and it added for friction and thought it had the most  depth of the entire film.

This is where the film jumped the shark.  Yes its early and Jamie and Landon haven't even hooked up yet, but Jamie's "pray" song was so incredibly sappy and Landon's puppy eyes where almost cult like or in high school speak "Jamie took her sweater off and she has boobs!"  

Landon's face above pretty much describes the rest of the movie, adding the occasional close-ups of Landon breaking down into tears and blaming his father.

The movie ends with a wedding and then *spoiler alert* she dies.  If we couldn't make it depressing enough lets suck away the little happiness the film provided.  Unlike Landon, I kept my promise and did not fall in love with A Walk To Remember.

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