A Million Ways To Die in the West (2014)

A few weeks back, I saw One Hundred Ways to Die in the West.  I had low expectations going in and coming out, they were met.  And to add insult to injury, I saw a doubleheader of suckyness by seeing Maleficent.  Here is dose two of awfulness.
 The not on sex scene was funny but they dragged it on, and on, and on not to mention the fact that every time Sarah Silverman came on screen we had to be reminded that she was a prostitute, yes we get it, she gives blow jobs for a living but do you have to wipe cum off her face in every shot.

These two just annoyed me, their romance (I felt) wasn't believable and could have done without it.

Seth MacFarlane takes things a step too far, he drags on scenes that could have been shot in half the time and could have reduced the film by 30 minutes, but no, he had to get that shot in with a character tripping and falling into the water bin.  Note: I'm not sure that actually happened but it is the general idea.

For me, One Hundred Ways to Die in the West fell as flat as his Abraham Lincoln joke at the Oscars a few years back.  This was not my cup of tea and couldn't end soon enough.