No Bonnie...

I first watched Gone with the Wind when I was ten, so a good fifteen years ago.  My family was visiting my grandmother who had taped several old movies off of t.v.  two being Gone with the Wind and The African Queen.  I chose the first, and popped it in the VCR residing the remainder of the day to watching a civilization gone with the wind {with limited commercial interruptions}.  I had almost three hours invested into the movie, reaching Bonnie's horse jumping scene, I see Bonnie ride sidesaddle for the first time and see her start to jump, and then... the tape dyed.  There was shocked silence, I was dumbfounded that not only had I spent my day enthralled by the film but to have it cut short at such a crucial moment.   I was devastated.  Later I learned that I was not alone in being jiped  as my uncle was unable to complete watching The African Queen.  I'm not sure if I will ever be able to forgive TBS.


  1. I first watched Gone with the Wind when I was about 8, and I always fell asleep before Bonnie died and I always assumed it ended "happily ever after" for Scarlet. I was so shocked when I found out it wasn't so.

  2. I had a small thread of hope that all would end well. But I still had a bad feeling about it.


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