Bridget Jones Movies

I could just start and end this review with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth but that just doesn't seem right.  

Bridget Jones is a thirty-something woman with incredibly bad habits (smoking, drinking, weight, and word vomit just to name a few) and does not want to die alone being found weeks later being eaten by dogs.  While dressed like a carpet at her mother's curry buffet Christmas party, where everything served in miniature and on sticks is the height of sophistication she meets Mark Darcy who is wearing a reindeer jumper and makes a horrible impression.  Unfortunately, she falls for her handsome dog of a boss Daniel Cleaver and soon she is dipping the pen in the company ink only to have it go flying everywhere after he cheats.  Long story short, she ends up with the reindeer jumper after a modern day duel between  the two men.  

In the sequel, the edge of reason, Bridget is thrown together with Daniel Cleaver again with the consequences being much of the same and during a business trip to  Thailand and ends up taking an extended stay.  After Mark comes to her rescue and another fight (this time in a fountain) Bridget finally gets her heppy ending.

I love these films and are such a fun retelling of Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  I can never make up my mind which man to route for Daniel who let's face it is a bastard or Mark who likes Bridget just as she is.  The answer seems easy in black and white doesn't it? Anyway, with perfect timing and delivery and a smashing English accent. Renee Zellweger is adorable as Bridger Jones who is just trying to find her way in life. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are marvelous at filling the shoes of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham, invoking the same emotions felt for the characters while reading the inspiration Pride and Prejudice.  Just an entertaining set of movies all around.