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The Hunger Games (2012)

I saw The Hunger Games this afternoon and let me tell you, it was awesomeness!  After having finished and loved the novel, I was excitedly anticipating seeing the film.  I patiently waited for the hub to die down (I didn't want to be stuck in a theater full of middle schoolers).  So I waited, and came to the conclusion that it was worth it!

After valiantly volunteering to take her younger sister's place as District 12 Tribute is wished away to the Capital with her male competitor Petta.  While watching this sacrifice I question, would I do that for my brother?  I can only hope that if such a dreadful predicament presented itself I would do the same.  Jennifer Lawrence, does a superb job of bringing these emotions across.  I first saw her in Winter's Bone, so when my mom mentioned that she was the actress who played Katniss I was like, oh yeah, I remember her, she was good.  She ended up blowing me away.  It is hard for me to put into words, but she played our victor just as I pictured her; playing a ass-kicking girl to the t.

Gale and Peeta were slightly different that I pictured them.  Gale, (Liam Humsworth) I expected to be more rugged and wild.  I thought of Gale like an attractive mountain man.  Due to the "bread incident" I imagined Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) to be more um, well round like the cupcakes he decorates; but I wasn't complaining very much either. 

I would like to address Stanley Tucci, I think he is a phenomenal actor and have loved everything he has been in, but he wasn't in my head while reading The Hunger Games, instead it was along the lines of Andy Serkis who I find more eccentric.  That having been said, I still thought he was great and his make-up made him unrecognizable. 

I will also briefly bring up The Capital Solely due to the costumes, which my mom compared to the Munchkins of Munchkin Land in which I highly agree; the residence of the city were like puffs of Cotton candy and the impressions the  Tributes were trying to express won over this moviegoer. 

When the movie was finished and I went to turn my cell phone back on I realized the 2 1/2 hours had past.  No way, the movie went by way too fast and is one of the few films that actually lives up to the book.


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