I'm Baaack!

After a two year hiatus I've returned to my classic movie blog.  I stopped blogging because writing soly about classic films had begun to feel constricting as I watch such a variety of genres and the stress of making sure I had a ready rotation of classic films to review was starting to wear.  I've recently starting watch a myriad of movies but when talking about them to friends my thoughts turned into "I liked it" and if I was lucky had one or two sentences to add.  Thus I have come back to We Have the Stars but am going to expand it to all genres, and as the title of this post proclaims, I'm baaack!


  1. Welcome back! PS, most blogs I know of have posts about oldies and new movies, too. Today's movies are tomorrow's classics.


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"It's important right now that we talk, killer to killer."

Unlike Addison DeWitt I would not like to talk killer to killer but rather as movie lover to movie lover. What do you think?