Libeled Lady (1936)

Spencer Tracy plays Warren Haggerty, a newspaperman known for postponing his Maridel nuptials, this time due to a young woman (Myrna Loy) threatening to sue the paper for slander.  Haggerty quickly hatches a plan to persuade her to change her mind, in comes lady's man Bill Chandler (played by William Powell), who slowly woes himself into the hearts of Connie and J.B. Allenbury via J.B.'s affinity to trout fishing.  By the description on the DVD slip I expected to watch a drama, but instead I found a great comedy. Should I have expected anything less from Nick and Nora Charles?

 Anyway, Chandler checks-out every book on trout fishing know to man and the result is tall tales of fishing glory and a trout fishing trip with J.B. to prove his skill.  Needless to say,  craziness and sheer luck ensue.

Bill Chandler's fishing tactics

Haggerty's fiance, Gladys Benton (Jean Harlow) is also in on the act, marrying Chandler in order to play the scorned wife later on with the master plot of seduction. The problem?  Both girls have fallen in love with him.

This movie had me avidly watching and cursing out Bill Chandler (sorry William Powell) but at the same time he had me laughing, especially his fishing efforts.    The acting was acceptable and perfect for a slapstick comedy which was the feel that I got.  While I have not seen any other "Best Production" nominees for the 9th Academy Awards I was a little surprised that it was in that category; particularly because comedies are not typically chosen for said category.  Overall, it was a fun movie and I am happy to have seen it.