On the Queue #1

On the Queue is a weekly post in which I highlight the movies I watched from my Netflix queue the past week, to keep these posts short and sweet I am going to sum up my thoughts in one or two sentences.

Philomena was heartbreaking and quite frankly, made me angry and is an amazing story of one woman's journey to find her son.

Labor Day
Implausible, and more  Lifetime Movie material and considering the actors was a complete disappointment.  It did have a "Ghost" moment, you know the one.

I didn't feel like Possessed had a beginning, middle or an end, it just plugged along.  Strange.

Intermezzo pissed me off.  Leslie Howard's character was a douche, and I do not like to think of Leslie Howard as a douche so therefore frustrated me.  I will say the ending had an "OH MY GOD!" moment but not enough to save this film.

The Blue Gardenia
Interesting, held my attention but at the same time nondescript.